This is one of those posts, that if you were standing in my shop, I’d invite you to sit down… and then I’d get you a water.

As I hope you know by now, not only am I the owner of The Flying Needles, but I also am the dyer behind Robin’s Promise Yarn Co. I built the shop in October 2016, and I started experimenting with dyeing yarn in the fall of 2018. I found to my surprise that I loved it! I began dyeing more in 2019 and had my first trunk show in 2019 for the James River Yarn Crawl. What started out as an experiment has become a wildly successful yarn line. But here’s the thing… I basically have been running and managing two businesses since 2019.

As Robin’s Promise Yarn Co. took and became more and more successful, it has become increasingly difficult to manage both businesses. I’ve done it, and sometimes it feels like I’m cheating the other. I only have managed to do it this long with incredible help from Joan Minarik and Team Flying Needles.

The time has come to make a decision of how to proceed forward as giving half attention to both businesses is not a model that will continue to bring either company continued success.

As of today, I am pursuing my dyeing and will be making Robin’s Promise Yarn Co. my priority. Sad that it is, I will be closing the brick and mortar portion of my business - The Flying Needles. Six years has been an extraordinary run, especially considering my brick and mortar survived the pandemic. Again, none of this would have been possible without YOU - my very supportive customers. We had an amazing last event at the end of September with Whimsical Wood Yarn and Yarn Snob Keith. What better time to go out than when you’re on TOP?!

I cannot tell you how you have meant to me by supporting BOTH my small businesses during the pandemic through today. Without you, my shop and my yarn would not have been successful! Thank you for your support and your loyalty! What an adventure we’ve had!

The last day for the shop’s open doors will be Thursday, Oct. 13 - right at my SIXTH ANNIVERSARY! I believe in symmetry, and celebrating The Flying Needles’ six successful years seems like lovely serendipity. If I don’t see you, let me say: THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING MY SMALL BUSINESS!

We will be off on a bus to Rhinebeck on Friday, Oct. 14, so if you’re not on the trip with us, we will send pictures via Instagram & Facebook of our last journey as The Flying Needles. (What a fabulous way to go out, too!) Please be happy for me. I won’t pretend that this decision has not been difficult, but moving ahead with Robins’ Promise is me changing with the evolution of my business. Robin’s Promise Yarn Co. brings me significant joy. I love being in my studio and creating new colors for you to knit or crochet happy! I have whole collections I’ve not been able to develop as my time in the studio thus far has been limited. I promise you: I will continue to generate pretty yarn for you to look forward to from Robin’s Promise.

As I close The Flying Needles and start focusing more on Robin’s Promise, be sure to look for exciting announcements about my yarn line. YES! I already have things in the works.

So, let’s dive right into your questions.


I am not going out of business, so any pre-order you have with me or any event scheduled with me is still happening. I am just closing my brick and mortar storefront.


As previously announced, The Forte Needle sets are slated to be released to distributors by mid-November. I will still mail these to you as previously stated and as soon as we receive them.


As of today (10/10), everything (well, most everything) is BUY ONE GET ONE FREE (for equal or lesser value). There are no exchanges or returns on any merchandise moving forward. All purchases are FINAL and must be made with cash or credit. We will no longer be accepting any checks, traveler’s checks, gift cards or Customer Loyalty Points.

We have added merchandise to this website as time has allowed (we are working as fast as we can). These items will be on sale. If you are out of town, please check this website for some great deals. We have put up the needle sets that we have available for sale, including the ChiaoGoo DPN Sock Sets, Knitter's Pride Smart Stix and J'dore sets. CLICK HERE to shop. 


The items NOT on sale are: 
All Robin's Promise Yarn Co. yarn,
Cozy Color Works Assigned Pooling yarns
Samples - priced as marked
Baskets - priced as marked


Everything not in the list above, including the poms, loops & looms, fixtures, yarn, needles, notions, bags, bins of decorations and plants (pots not included).


We will no longer be winding yarn. Things are going to get busy and hectic moving forward. Thank you in advance for your understanding. There are two winders and three swifts left to purchase should you need them.


Our last day of having the doors open to the public will be Thursday, Oct. 13. We will stay open until 5 pm that day. (More on this day later)


We have a TON of beautiful samples for sale! I will be keeping all the Robin’s Promise Yarn Co. samples, but we have some gorgeous samples in the shop. These are all hand-knit or crocheted samples of yarns I have carried in the shop at one time or another. These beauties would make beautiful hand-made gifts for the Holidays!


All of the fixtures, armoire, chandelier, antique cabinets, antique swifts, coffee tables, baskets, mannequins, rolling carts, trees, glass heads, tables, counter, jewelry case, couch, folding chairs, easy chairs are now for sale. Everything is marked with a price. Unless marked sold, it is up for sale. Please CLICK HERE for a full list of fixtures and pricing.


Not everything in the fixture category can be taken away the day of purchase. Large fixtures like tables, cabinets and 5 x 5 Kallaxes must remain until after our closure. Appointments for pick up are available from Friday, Oct. 14, to Saturday, Oct. 29. Whatever isn’t picked up by Oct. 31 will be given to Habitat for Humanity’s Restore.


This is one thing that will have to change. I’m happy to come up with a central location and date for local pickup of items. I’m also happy to start mailing your subscriptions. I am happy to take this on a case by case basis as to how you wish to move forward.


This will now be under the umbrella of Robin’s Promise Yarn Co. We will continue to meet from 5 pm to 7 pm EST or EDT. I hope you consider joining us. The operating procedures for those meetings will remain the same as when under the umbrella for The Flying Needles.


Some of the plants are for sale outside the shop. These beautiful plants are several years old including two huge begonia plants that we have kept alive year after year by weathering them on the sidewalk and rolling inside during cold winter nights.


These are all the questions that I can think you may ask, but I’m sure more will pop up during our close-out sale. Please keep watching for our emails or our website at FlyingNeedlesYarn.com.

Craft on, friend!