COME ON Team Flying Needles!

FIVE yarn shops – which LYS will be victorious?

With ONE WEEK left, Wool Workshop pulled way ahead. Just a reminder that if Team Flying Needles wins, Williamsburg House of Mercy nets almost $1000!

As of noon Tuesday, Oct. 22, the score between all 5 yarns shops is:
Wool Workshop, 31
The Flying Needles, 23
One City Market, 13
The Twisted Knitter, 5
Black Purl Fibres, 3

Cortney Wyll pulled FIRST ACROSS THE FINISH LINE for The Flying Needles. Cortney nabs the $100 shopping spree with Whimsical Wood Yarn’s Trunk Show on Oct. 25 & 26. Lindsay pulled in 2nd across the finish line for a $50 gift certificate for the upcoming Mrs. Crosby & Lorna’s Laces Trunk Show Oct. 4 & 5. Both projects can be seen in the FINISHED OBJECT THREAD. Christina Chapman nabs the 3rd across the finish line prize – a $25 gift certificate to The Flying Needles!

The prize still remaining will go to the person who knits the MOST Moonlit Waters for Team Flying Needles. That person will win The Flying Needles Anniversary Basket. Pictures forthcoming!

For all those knitting or crocheting the Moonlit Waters shawl, expect SPONTANEOUS PRIZES throughout the competition! The Flying Needles has a REP to PROTECT!

Meanwhile, Buroak Studio’s Jennifer Davies has agreed to send a goodie box to the winner’s entire knitting & crocheting team!

Also, River of Yarn is donating 10% of all her pattern sales to the winner’s charity of choice as well! That brings the pot going to the winner’s charity of choice to almost $900!

Williamsburg House of Mercy Executive Director Shannon Woloszynowski is getting some skin in the game. She has joined the fun & is crocheting a shawl! She’s also recruiting folks, so watch out other Local Yarn Shops!


Susan Dickerson, owner of The Flying Needles challenged four other Local Yarn Shop Owners (LYSOs) to the 2nd Annual LYS Smackdown competition that starts Tuesday, Sept. 3, and goes through Wednesday, Oct. 30. The winning shop receives bragging rights and $200 each from the losing Local Yarn Shops (LYSs), which will go to the winner’s favorite non-profit.

At the heart of the LYS Smackdown competition is the Moonlit Waters shawl by River of Yarn. Each shop will have almost 8 weeks to complete as many Moonlit Waters shawls as its customers can complete. The shawl is written for two sizes, Size 1 & Size 2. This is a weighted scoring competition: Size 1 shawls count as ONE point; Size 2 shawls, which require more yarn and time, count as TWO POINTS. The pattern is available in both crochet & knitting. All FINISHED Shawls must be posted in The Flying Needles Finished Object Thread to count toward a yarn shop’s points. Each Finished Object post MUST INCLUDE the following:

  1. The yarn & colors used
  2. A picture of the finished shawl bound off
  3. The size made, either size 1 or 2
  4. The name of the shop that gets the points

Makers can knit or crochet more than ONE! Those who do not have a Ravelry page can receive assistance from their home Local Yarn Shop with posting.

The losing yarn shops have agreed to pay $200 to the winner’s charity of choice. The other four LYSOs who accepted The Flying Needles’ challenge are (and their charity of choice):

Kim Pate is the return LYS Smackdowner and the owner of The Twisted Knitter in Mebane, NC.
Non-Profit of Choice: Paws4ever

Alyssa Cabrera is brand new to the LYS SMACKDOWN. She is owner of The Black Purl in Rochester, N.Y.
Non-Profit of Choice: Southern Poverty Law Center

Lisa Ellison is brand new to the LYS SMACKDOWN & a SERIOUS SMACK TALKER! WATCH OUT FOR THIS ONE! She is the owner of One City Market in Rogersville, Missouri.
Non-Profit of Choice: Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks

Laura Magdycz also is brand new to the LYS Smackdown. She is the owner of Wool Workshop in Roanoke, Va.
Non-Profit of Choice: Campaign for Female Education

Susan Dickerson, owner of The Flying Needles in Williamsburg, Va., original smack talker who founded the LYS Smackdown.
Non-Profit of Choice: Williamsburg House of Mercy

Pattern: Moonlit Waters by @RiverofYarn, 2 sizes
Crochet version
Knitted version

Both went live on Ravelry at 8 am (EST) Tuesday, Sept. 3.

Time:  8 am (EST) Tuesday, Sept. 3, to Wednesday, Oct. 30, midnight (EST)

Yarn: DK/Sport; 688 yards for size 1 or 1378 yards for size 2.

Ravelry Threads: There are 3 threads in the FlyingNeedlesVa Group:

  1. LYS SMACKDOWN 2019 – The Rules – The rules are posted with no commenting for everyone to see
  2. LYS Smackdown 2019 – SmackTalking & Chatter – The place to brag about your progress, generally overall smack talk, and keep tabs on any questions that come up.
  3. LYS Smackdown 2019 – Finished Objects – The place you post your finished object for your shawl to count as either 1 or 2 points. If you do not post to this thread, your shop cannot claim the points.


  2. The project, either size 1 or size 2, has to be bound off and posted with a picture into the Ravelry Finished Object Thread. The object does NOT have to be blocked or ends woven. If you have chosen a different weight yarn, you MUST show photographic proof that the finished shawl measures the pattern minimum sizes. If you change your weight of yarn and do not do this, your shawl can be disqualified for points.
  3. All Finished Objects must be posted to the FINISHED OBJECT THREAD by MIDNIGHT (EST) WEDNESDAY, OCT. 16.





Each person must state in the Finished Object Thread which yarn shop they’re knitting or crocheting for. It is up to each shop owner to review & determine whether the knitter or crocheter has purchased the yarn from the shop.


The Finished Object Thread is on Ravelry located HERE:


Please use the #lyssmackdown2019 & #moonlitwatershawl tags for your social media postings. We also would suggest tagging your home LYS in your posts as well.


YES! The yardages listed are the minimums. If you want to add, please do so. BE THE BOSS OF YOUR OWN PROJECT!


YES! You can use fingering, worsted, super bulky or lace, but the finished object has to be at least to the minimum dimensions or your size as listed in the pattern and ALL PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS must be completed.

Please note: If you use a different weight of yarn, you must have photographic proof (photo with measuring tape showing width & depth of finished object) that the shawl is the correct dimensions showing all sections, otherwise you could be disqualified.

Tanis Gray’s brand new Williamsburg Hat & Cowl pattern designed for and released at The Flying Needles during its Staycation July 26 & 27, 2019.

400th Anniversary + brand new Williamsburg pattern = A KNIT-A-Long!

It’s the 400th anniversary of the first meeting of a representative legislature. It’s such beautiful serendipity that Tanis Gray created the lovely Williamsburg Hat & Cowl pattern & launched it this past weekend at our Staycation. We’re so over the moon, that we just HAVE TO CELEBRATE with A KNIT-A-LONG!!!

Knit up Tanis’s Williamsburg Cowl in Wonderland Yarns’ March Hare (worsted), 2 of each color on a US size 7 24” needle. Finish by Aug. 31 or sooner and post your finished project to our Ravelry FINISHED OBJECT group. All that qualifies you for PRIZES!!!! You do not need to be present to win! Anyone, anywhere CAN JOIN! You also can post your progress to our Ravelery discussion group HERE.

We have FOUR prizes! frabjous fibers & Wonderland Yarns have contributed THREE kits & Tanis is providing a free pattern!

Prizes are for:

  1. The first one across the finish line with a completed Williamsburg Cowl.
  2. Everyone who completes a project by Aug. 31 will be thrown into the mix for a random name draw for a second prize.
  3. The PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD! Everyone who finishes by Aug. 31 will be entered into a voting process for the coolest, prettiest, etc. The People’s Choice Award will be awarded to the cowl with the most votes.

The KAL starts NOW and goes through Aug. 31. We have signed patterns & the yarn – March Hare, all of which we CAN SHIP! To qualify for prizes:

  1. Your yarn must have been purchased from The Flying Needles.
  2. Your project must be a created Ravelry project tagged with Tanis’s pattern. If you don’t know how to do this, we can help you.
  3. You must post a picture of your FINISHED PROJECT to the Ravelry thread.

For those who were not able to take Tanis’s class, we do not want a lack of skill to stand between you and participation. If you need assistance with colorwork, we will hold a class every Wednesday from 1 to 3 pm. Cost of the class is $40. You can call the shop to register for class, order the yarn & pattern and have it shipped at (757) 345-3655.


A Hundred Ravens landing for Yarn Tasting & Trunk Show; @RiverofYarn launching new pattern

WILLIAMSBURG, VA, Feb. 19, 2019 – The Flying Needles is DELIGHTED to announce a TKO event on March 1 & 2…. *drum roll*

A Hundred Ravens and @RiverofYarn are up to some fiber awesomeness – A Hundred Ravens is arriving for Yarn Tastings & a Trunk Show, and @RiverofYarn has teamed up with A Hundred Ravens for a BRAND NEW SWEATER PATTERN – which WILL BE RELEASED AT THE FLYING NEEDLES on Saturday, March 2, during the Trunk Show!

Known for its lush, vivid and saturated colors, A Hundred Ravens is coming all the way from New Hampshire to join us for two Yarn Tastings – one from 5 to 7 pm Friday, March 1, and the other from 9 to 11 am Saturday, March 2. The Trunk Show will open Friday morning at 10 am and continue through Saturday at 5 pm. Call us to nab your Yarn Tasting ticket now – (757) 345-3655. Tickets are $10 each, which nabs YOU a reservation and yarn truffle samples of five yarn bases from A Hundred Ravens: Aesir, Iachos, Llyr, Yaksha and Patos.

Lauren Renee, @RiverofYarn who designed the #LYSSmackdown River Dance Shawl, is launching her first sweater pattern in A Hundred Ravens sportweight yarn! Lauren will be joining us for Saturday’s Yarn Tasting and all day Saturday to sign patterns and help people pick colors and start her Peace Valley sweater, meant for beginners.

A Hundred Ravens is an independent, hand-dyed yarn company based in Brookline, NH. They’re a family-owned and operated business known for user-friendly, superwash yarn in a variety of bases ranging from our workhorse sock yarn to luxurious silk/BFL blends. All of their yarn is manufactured in the USA, and then hand dyed by owner and lead dyer, Kate Bachus.

Originally from Williamsburg, Lauren of @RiverofYarn is now a Richmond-based, knitwear designer with an unending love for dogs, books, coffee, and sunshine. Her River Dance Shawl won The Flying Needles bragging rights in the #lyssmackdown – a competition between The Flying Needles & The Twisted Knitter in Mebane, NC to see which yarn shop could complete the most shawls within a month.

And if you just don’t know what the heck a Yarn Tasting is… Have you ever wanted to try out a yarn before buying it? How will that yarn that looks like candy on the shelf actually feel in your hands? Is it really as soft as it feels? Do the colors actually look that pretty when it’s knit or crocheted? Come play with the YARN! Don’t take our word that it’s awesome! Truffle packs of the yarns are included with admission! Get tons of inspiration for your ongoing knitting and/or crocheting adventures!

For those interested in the Yarn Tasting, BYON (Bring Your Own Needles) in an assortment of sizes, and take these lovelies for a test drive! Reservations are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, and Saturday’s Yarn Tasting is already half -full. We are happy to take your Yarn Tasting reservation and payment over the phone – (757) 345-3655.

On Wednesday, Oct. 17, we launch our SWEATA WEATHA Knit-A-Long! Pick one of four sweaters to start now and finish by January! The four sweaters to choose from are:

  1. The beginner sweater, the Flax, by Tin Can Knits – in a newborn to 4XL chest size, this beginner pullover is part of Tin Can Knits Simple Collection.
  2. Stephanie Lotven’s Sock Arm or Little Sock Arm sweater – also from newborn to 4XL chest size, knit in the round and picking up stitches for the sleeves.
  3. Veera Valimaki’s Breathing Space, which she just edited to include sizes XS up to a 4XL! This short-rowing sweater is a little more difficult and gets a mid-range difficulty level from Ravelry. We would definitely count this as an Intermediate level sweater pattern.
  4. And the Stillwater cardigan by Marie Greene, who was an instructor at our April Retreat. We did this sweater as a Knit-A-Long last fall, but we wanted to give our new customers this cardi choice.

With all of these gorgeous yarns in, now is the time to drop by, pick up the ones you love and come join this Knit-A-Long!  This Knit-A-Long will kick-off at Open Stitching, from 5 to 7 pm, Wednesday, Oct. 17, and you will have until 5 pm Wednesday, Jan. 9, to finish! THERE WILL BE PRIZES!! So drop by Wednesday, Oct. 17, and get your sweater cast on!

On Saturday, Oct. 20, Dimensions Raku Fired Clay will be joining us for a Trunk Show as well! Lovely Dana is bringing AAAAAAAAALL the shawl pins, earrings, necklaces and buttons for you!

There could be more additions for the month, but that’s everything that is confirmed so far!

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