“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take”
– Lewis Carroll

Skeins of yarn in a basket - Flying Needles Yarn Store

Opened in October 2016, The Flying Needles yarn store is the realized dream of Susan Dickerson – marrying her dream of being an entrepreneur on her own terms and her love of knitting, well… really… yarn! With the help of former Knitting Sisters’ owner Cathy Gill and her side kick Rosemarie Kammer, Susan’s sidekicks at Williamsburg Floral, as well as support from her knit-night ladies originating from Knitting Sisters, her brother, Wilke G., her daughters and her husband, The Flying Needles soared right out of her mind as an idea and into a real brick and mortar store with the help of her real estate agent Karen Reinthaler and attorney Nancy Williams. Susan is forever grateful to her community and the support given to see The Flying Needles realized.

With a vision of a funky, hipster shop, Susan boldly threw open her doors to let the yarn selling and the community building begin! She loves the idea of creating a community around creativity, handmade art, and a gift that you can’t get anywhere else but from the tips of needles and generated out of the most precious commodity someone can ever give you – their time.

Bring Your Own Bag – We believe in providing as clean an earth as possible for generations to come. That’s why at The Flying Needles, if you can do without a bag or if you bring your own, you will be entered into our monthly $25 gift certificate drawing! Or if you bring your Flying Needles paper bag back, you will be entered into that drawing AGAIN!

Discounts – We offer 5% discounts to military to honor their service, to students because they are just dang broke and to wives of Sports Information Directors because the owner, Susan, just knows. ‘Nuff said.

Policies – We try to be as clear as possible so our customers understand shop policies. CLICK HERE for a full list how we at The Flying Needles work.