Spring Fling 2020

Summer Fling with Marinja Knits

After lots of conversation, we have decided to reschedule Marin Melchior’s trip to The Flying Needles. The new date is Aug. 14 – 16. We’re grateful that we could come up with another date.

That being said, for those who have already registered, please take a look at your calendar and see if these dates work for you. Please let us know if you would like to roll over your registration to the Aug. 14 – 16 dates. If the dates do not work for you, we are happy to roll your registration over into a store credit or provide a refund. Please call the shop today or email us and let us know your preference. (757) 345-3655

Here is the revised schedule of events:

Marin Melchior, Marinja Knits on Ravelry, and Susan bumped into each other at Rhinebeck, and they’ve been cooking up a collaboration ever since. Meanwhile, Marin released THREE brand new, gorgeous patterns – the Aflutter Poncho, the Chromatophore and the Technicolor Dreamcloak – while they were at Vogue Knitting Live New York City.

Marin will be at The Flying Needles Aug. 14 – 16. The weekend will start with a Fireside Chat 5 to 7 pm Friday, Aug. 14. She also will teach four classes while she is here.

The Flying Needles will open special hours all weekend. The shop will open from 9:30 am to 5 pm Saturday, Aug. 15 , and SUNDAY, Aug. 16 , from 8:30 to 4 pm.

A VIP Pass is available for the weekend. Gain access to all four classes and gain entry to the Fireside Chat wine & cheese event for FREE. The VIP Pass is $305, which saves you $20!

Registration is open for all four knitting classes and the Fireside Chat. See full class descriptions and pricing below. Registration for all classes closes one week prior to her arrival, Friday, March 27. Please call the shop to register at (757) 345-3655.

Fireside Chat with Marinja Knits, 2 hours, 5 to 7 pm Friday, 8/14, $20

At this wine & cheese event, Marin Melchior talk about her designs, her design process, inspiration for her designs.

Yarn Choices:  Fiber, Color, Twist & More …  2 hours, 10 am to 12 pm Saturday, 8/15, $50

As the first class of the weekend, this class is set up to help you be less afraid of picking yarns (fiber & color), with a focus on making decisions for the upcoming weekend workshops. Marin will give you some strategies for making decisions and starting the process of yarn choice including:

1.            Questions to ask yarn shop staff to find what they have.

2.            Different ways to think about yarns, both in the dye processes/techniques and fiber content.

3.            Thinking about the recommended pattern yarn and deciding what to use.

4.            Pros and cons of fibers/spin/colorways/etc. 

5.            FINALLY, using Ravelry and the ‘yarns-used’ in a particular pattern or the ‘pattern ideas’ in a particular yarn to help drive your yarn choices.

SHORT ROWS.  – Wrap & Turn and German Short Rows, explored.  3 hours, 1 to 4 pm Saturday 8/15, $75.

In this class, Marin will teach you two ways to work short rows, Wrap & Turn and German Short Row – aka Double Stitch. You will make a swatch that employs both techniques and talk about the pros and cons of each method, when to use each technique, and why.

This class also serves as a precursor to the project classes being taught this weekend.  If you have mastered or experienced short rows here AND have a brief introduction to how Marin’s patterns are constructed, the BUTTERFLY or the SQUARIFIED classes will be much easier to attack.

MATERIALS NEEDED: 2 CONTRASTING colors of yarn in the SAME yarn weight

  • Sock/fingering with needles sized between 3 & 4
  • DK with needles sized between 5 and 7
  • Worsted with needles sized between 7 and 9
  • ARAN with needles sized between 9 and 10
  • No lace weight or bulky/super bulky please

Approximately 100 yds of two colors.  Needle sizes are not strict. Use needles you HAVE. /

BUTTERFLY/ Papillon Shawl.   3 hours, 9 am to 12 pm Sunday, 8/16, $90

Papillon Shawl

Marin will get you started on is the beautiful and stunning BUTTERFLY Shawl (or MOTH variation). You will start the projects and get into the meat of the pattern, giving you confidence to keep going and work on your own… WARNING, this project is addictive. Marin predicts that you will finish it and want to make another. We do have one person who has made 7 of these… Often in the middle of the one you are making, you start thinking about and planning your NEXT one.

Please be aware that the students who have also taken the short row class will have a jump on those that have not. It is not required that you take that class first. However, if you are easily discouraged by not being ‘ahead’ of the curve, or are someone that needs extra attention to take on new skills, we advise that you consider taking the Short Row Class as well.

This class includes a printed & electronic copy of the project pattern. Yarn is NOT included.


Please be familiar with M1R and M1L increase OR be comfortable with an increase method of your choice.  This pattern (as all patterns) has some malleability in approach. As long as you are consistent in your increases, it will look fantastic. 

THIS IS OPTIONAL and not required.  You may wish to START the pattern and work until it says BEGIN SHORT ROWS.  This will get you past the beginning and general shaping, require you to have mastered your increases and allow you to start at the MEAT of the pattern during the class.

SQUARIFIED – Poncho, Blanket, or Cloak    3 hours, 1 to 4 pm Sunday 4, 8/16, $90

Aflutter Poncho

These brand new designs premiered at Vogue Knitting Live NYC, January of 2020.  This will be the FIRST EVER class on these patterns. This project-based class is similar to the Butterfly, but the poncho, blanket or cloak all are worked with in-the-round short rows.  There are some interesting variables that have occurred by placing this originally ‘flat’ knit piece into the format of a round, seamless piece. This class will help you understand how the pattern is written, jump start you into the project, and give you hints and clues to to ensure success as you work.  There also will be additional information offered in the class that was not included in the pattern.

This class includes a printed & electronic copy of the project pattern. Yarn is NOT included.


Please come to class ready to work.  Please have your needles and yarn purchased and wound.  If you do not, you will be behind from the start.  If you cannot do this, that is fine – just accept that I will not make everyone else wait for you. 

The class prerequisites are required.  Familiarity with those techniques is important. There may be class homework which will enable you to get more out of the class as a whole.

Class will start on time. If you are late (which can happen to any of us), please come in and find a place as unobtrusively as possible. There is no need to apologize, as we all know you did not intend to be late.  Just settle in, get your gear ready, and Marin check-in with you as soon as she can.  This allows for respect for you and for the others already engaged in the class.   

Please be respectful to all members of the class and know that classes at The Flying Needles are not times for political, religious or other divisive discussions. Be kind.  Try to be patient.  Everyone will learn together. 

Registration for all classes closes one week prior to her arrival, Friday, Aug. 7. Please call the shop to register at (757) 345-3655.