Star Wars: Knit the Galaxy Classes

The Flying Needles has teamed up with author & pattern designer Tanis Gray for a “Star Wars: Knit the Galaxy” event Feb. 26-28. This weekend of fun and fiber features Tanis with four classes and a fireside chat. To see more details CLICK HERE.

All classes have yarn kits for purchase. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE YARN KITS.

Friday, Feb. 26: 7-8:30 pm
Fireside Chat with Tanis
Price: $20
At this virtual Zoom chat, Tanis will talk about the genesis of “Star Wars Knitting the Galaxy,” talk about selecting patterns for the book and answer questions you may have about her latest book.

Saturday, Feb. 27: 10 am-12 pm
Slip-Stitch Colorwork 101: TIE Fighter Hat and/or Fingerless Mitten
Level: Advanced Beginner
Price: $50
The easygoing cousin of stranded colorwork, slip-stitch knitting is a fun and easy technique that brings more color into your work without the stranding or trapping of floats. We’ll knit up the TIE Fighter Hat and/or Fingerless Mittens Pattern from Knitting the Galaxy: The Official Star Wars Knitting Book, discuss the different types of colorwork, how to read charts, and go over finishing techniques. Both the hat and fingerless mitts will be covered, so pick whichever suits you best.


Saturday, Feb. 27: 1-4 pm
Fair Isle 101: This Is the Way Cowl
Level: Advanced Beginner
Price: $75
Freaked over Fair Isle? Curious about stranded colorwork techniques? Intimidated by multiple strands of yarn in multiple colors? Not sure how gauge works or how to trap those floats? This is the workshop for you! We’ll cover basic Fair Isle knitting techniques for English, Continental and Combination knitters, tackle common issues, proper technique, color theory, how to trap floats, how to read charts, Fair Isle history and setting good Fair Isle knitting habits. We’ll put these techniques into practice while working up the workshop-debuting “This Is the Way Cowl,” a knitted ode to The Mandalorian.

We have FIVE Robin’s Promise Yarn Co. kits for the This Is the Way Cowl for pre-order by Jan. 31. They are:

This Is the Way Cowl Kits
Kit 1, Grogu
Kit 2, The Beskar Forge
Kit 3, Yoda
Kit 4, Jump to Lightspeed
Kit 5, The Mandalorian

Sunday, Feb. 28: 10 am-12 pm
Level: Intermediate
Price: $50
Obsessed with Porgs? Curious about toy construction? We’ll make our very own Porg in pieces, then sew it together and embellish it, while dreaming of being on Ahch-To. We’ll cover the best way to knit in a small circumference, increasing and decreasing, attaching safety eyes, and how to stuff evenly.


Sunday, Feb. 28: 1-4 pm
Colorwork 201 Wookie Socks*
Level: Confident Intermediate, colorwork experience required
Price: $75
Ready to go beyond basic socks? We’ll work these top-down ribbed cuff socks with stranded colorwork Wookie motifs and afterthought heels. Let the Wookie win!


*All participants for the Colorwork 201: Wookie Socks class must have had colorwork experience prior to taking this class. If you have not had colorwork experience, you must take Fair Isle 101 prior to taking this class. We will call to confirm you have colorwork experience. If you don’t have colorwork experience, we recommend taking the This Is the Way Cowl or Slip-Stitch Colorwork 101 class. If these classes are taken, you will be accepted into the Sock Class.