Dye Studio Assistant

Robin’s Promise Yarn Co. is searching for a Dye Studio Assistant. If you are interested in the position, please see the full job description.

A successful candidate must:

Be physically able to lift 100lbs, stand on your feet for long periods of time and have physical endurance to withstand cold temperatures and well as extreme heat.
Be able to follow directions
Be thorough and able to pay attention to detail
Have the ability to observe and record
Work well with others
An ability to operate and control equipment
Be dependable and reliable
Have knowledge of math and fractions
Be able to be around and use dye chemicals
Be able to wear safety clothing, including gloves
Have excellent verbal communication skills

Day-to-day duties may include:
Following chemical recipes to produce final products for sale
Mixing batches of dye
Rinsing wet, heavy yarn
Resetting the studio for the dyeing process
Taking directions
Keeping records of the dye development process and its results

It is expected that the position will require 20 hours of work a week. These hours must be worked Monday through Friday, but there is some flexibility for a work schedule.

To apply, please submit a hard copies of your resume, three references with phone numbers and email addresses and a statement of why you should be hired for the position to Susan Dickerson, The Flying Needles, c/o Dyeing Assistant Position, robinspromiseyarn at gmail dot com