The Flying Needles Yarn Shop Vlog #1

Well, sometimes you gotta do what you’ve gotta do. This is one of those times for me. I have been truly compelled since I have opened my shop to do some things. The 2018 Inaugural Retreat was one, and now, I’ve gone and done another… I am officially a PODCASTER! VLOGGER! YOUTUBER! Whatever word you want to use, I’m doing it. I ADORE watching knitting video podcasts – one of my favorites is Little Bobbins Knits. I just love, Love, LOVE her English accent! And TV is SOOOOOO boring! And if you’re knitting and not interested in audible books, then what are you to do? I turned to podcasts. I absolutely love knitting and listening to other people talk about knitting. I keep waiting for the saturation point to hit with my shop and my love of knitting, but CLEARLY, it hasn’t hit yet.

And as an aside, I really hate to see myself on video. Like…. HAAAAAAAATE it! I don’t know what fever took me over, but I couldn’t fight this feeling anymore.

Vlog #1 is up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Click on the image to the right! OR CLICK HERE. Feel free to subscribe to my channel, provide feedback, share, etc. I also will be opening a Ravelry group for people to introduce themselves who are watching the Vlog. I hope you enjoy!

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