A Walk Down Memory Lane…

My DH (Dear Husband) reminded me last week… It was this time last year that I began contemplating leaving the safe umbrella of an employer, a regular paycheck, regular hours & trading that in for being my own boss and an owner of a yarn shop. WHAT A JOURNEY IT’S BEEN! I find myself thinking about all the little decisions and choices that led me to my current path. As I look back, I couldn’t have done it without the help of my knitting circles. I first told the group of ladies that have become my Wednesday Night Open Stitch group. I had been knitting with them for a while, and I remember how terribly scared I was. I couldn’t hear anything but the frantic beating of my own heart. I was afraid that someone would tell me it wasn’t a good idea. But they didn’t. They became very excited. The next thing I knew, they started popping questions off like firecrackers! And the longer we sat & talked, the faster the questions came and the more excited they became. It makes me smile & chuckle even now.

With a hint of courage under my belt, I began telling my other group, now my 1st Thursday Open Stitch group. They were equally supportive and interested! Not one single person told me – “No, this is a bad idea.” I realize now that they could have just been holding their opinions to themselves, but I don’t think so.

So, it’s a walk down memory lane that I’m taking this spring, and in honor of this time of reflection, I wanted to share my good fortune with each of you! I’m holding a MEMORY LANE SALE – every week, I will be announcing a new sale and other fun promotions. This week, I’m going to kick off the MEMORY LANE SALE with Anne – a lovely fingering weight (perfect for spring and summer knitting) by Circulo. This yarn is 100% cotton and can be found in 8 sumptuous summer colors! With 371 yards, this mercerized cotton is a WORKHORSE! We will be offering this loveliness at 20% off (in-stock yarn only). This sale will be available Tuesday through Monday, May 2 – 8!

For your inspiration of the Anne yarn, we’ve created a Ravelry folder of possible items you can make with the Anne, both in knitting and crochet!

Watch your email, The Flying Needles webpage, our Facebook & Instagram pages for other promotionals during my walk down Memory Lane!

Grab your needles and let ’em FLY!


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