Flying Needles hosting its 1st KAL

To celebrate our FIRST SIX MONTHS of being opened, The Flying Needles is hosting its Inaugural KAL (Knit A Long)!

For those new to the knitting world, KALs are created opportunities for people to knit MORE! J The project we will all be doing is the Etched Rio by Sarah Smuland. We have the pattern in the shop, but it is available via Ravelry, too. We picked this pattern because it has just enough lace to be difficult for a beginner while being an attractive enough garment that expert knitters will love it as well! There are some GORGEOUS spring yarns to do this wrap in, especially the JUST LANDED Plymouth Nettle Grove! And the absolute best thing about a KAL, is that every Wednesday Open Stitch Night, we will be available to assist if you run into trouble – it’s like Knitting With An Instructor!

We launch Wednesday March 15 & Bind Off within 8 weeks by May 15!

You can cast on at any time, but we will have a CASTING-ON PARTY from 5 to 7 pm Wednesday, March 15, during our Open Stitch Night. You DO NOT HAVE TO COME TO THE SHOP TO PARTICIPATE! My daughter will be joining our project from the Netherlands, and we’ve already had some RVA customers join us as well!


There are 3 ways you can qualify for the Casting On Prizes:
• Come to the CASTING ON PARTY!
• Post pictures of you casting on to The Flying Needles Facebook page (with your face & your project visible in the picture)
• Post pictures of you casting on to Twitter or Instagram, and add #FlyingNeedlesKAL.

To qualify for the Binding Off Grand Prizes:
•  Post your project progress to The Flying Needles Facebook, Instagram & Twitter pages using #FlyingNeedlesKAL. Every day you post, you get an additional entry!
•  Drop by the shop and let us take your picture and post to our social media pages! Each photo is an entry!
•  Post pictures of you and your Bound Off Etched Rio by midnight May 15th, and you get 2 entries for YOU AND YOUR FLYING NEEDLES!
•  Drop by the shop before 6 pm on Monday, May 15th, let us take your picture in your finished Etched Rio and then post it to our social media, and you get 2 entries as well!

For those who crochet, if you do something similar, all the same guidelines for the KAL will apply!

As always, if you have questions or suggestions, please let us know! Here’s to all of you and your Flying Needles!

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