Gratefulness runneth over

2016-11-21-gratefulOn this Thanksgiving Eve, I wanted to take the opportunity to share my gratefulness with you. I am a woman who just got handed everything I could possibly want. Opening The Flying Needles has been nothing short of an AWESOME & SPECTACULAR adventure. But I haven’t been alone. Many of you have been right beside me from concept to construction, overcoming the fear of opening my own business, painting, putting shelving together, whipping up samples, stocking the shop and creating a space warm and welcoming to all. So many of you offered encouraging words face-to-face or via Facebook. But you didn’t stop there.

The doors opened and YOU CAME! You bought. And then you bought some more. You’ve passed lovely comments about the shop, and then others have pushed and inspired us for classes, new yarns and pattern materials.

It’s been heart-warming to see a new community form around a love for yarn and people from all walks coming together to get their craft on. In the five weeks of being opened, that power of a YARN community makes my heart expand with gratefulness. Every… Single…Day…

So, this Thanksgiving, I give thanks for YOU! I can’t wait to see how we evolve in 2017! In the meantime, may you and yours have a very happy Thanksgiving. May you take a moment to reflect what you are grateful for this Holiday – just make sure you take a moment to grab your needles and LET ‘EM FLY!!

Susan Dickerson

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  1. Janey Janson

    So thankful for you and your courage to open a yarn store… awesome store‼️
    On another note…..had my gallbladder out week and going to Mexico beginning Sat for a week🌴
    I’ll be back for knit night after I return😍 Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Elaine Muller

    It has been such a joy coming to your shop. I feel loved by all the yarns and welcome by the staff. Happy Thanksgiving Susan to you and yours.

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